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Passions & Dreams: 7 Tips To "Find It In You"

Updated: Mar 30, 2021


"penchants, inclinations, desires and aversions carried to a certain degree of intensity, combined with an indistinct sensation of pleasure or pain, occasioned or accompanied by some irregular movement of the blood and animal spirits, are what we call passions. They can be so strong as to inhibit all practice of personal freedom, a state in which the soul is in some sense rendered passive; whence the name passions. This inclination or so-called disposition of the soul, is born of the opinion we hold that a great good or a great evil is contained in an object which in and of itself arouses passion"
- Didier Diderot

You'll want a pen and paper for this, perhaps starting a journal wouldn't be a bad idea - you'll understand as your read on. If you don't have that available to you as you read this, you can always come back and refer to this blog article. You'll want to come back to this article.

I could not have said it any better than Didier. Hence, as promised in my last article, here are:

7 Tips to Help You Dream and Access Your Passion

1 - Having No Limits

Imagine that you have no limitations on what you can be, do or have in life. Close

your eyes and imagine that you have all the money, resources, contacts,

education, and experience that you need to achieve everything your heart

desires. What then? What would you do? Remember you have everything you

could possibly need – imagine that you have unlimited potential. What would you

do? What would your life look like? Write it down. Let it flow.

2 - Project into the Future

Project yourself forward 5 years from now. This is a technique called “Back to the

Future” thinking that is practiced by many high performing individuals. Imagine

that 5 years has passed and you are living your perfect life. What does it look

like? Describe your perfect life in detail. Write it down.

3 - Imagine Your Success

Imagine this: You are guaranteed of success. Let’s imagine that you cannot fail.

What would you do right now if you were guaranteed with 100% certainty to

succeed? What would you do right now? What would you attempt if failure could

not happen? Guaranteed. Write that down.

3 - Creative Genius

Never limit your imagination. These exercises are not about reality. Create pure

fantasy, but a fantasy that makes you tingle with excitement.

4 - Forget The How

Forget about “how” you would achieve any of the things that you have written in

these exercises. This is not about HOW. Thinking of “how” will keep you small

and your dreams miniscule and limited. This is not about reality. This is a fantasy


5 - Your Inner Child

Think about this: What did you dream about when you were a kid before society

started to fill your head with limitations?

6 - Stay Grounded

Go for long walks in nature. Let your mind wonder. Be inspired by the beauty of

creation. Eat some chocolate. Have some wine. Have an orgasm. Cut yourself

some slack. Dream.

7 - Once Upon A Star

Think about this: What did you dream about when you were a kid before society

started to fill your head with limitations?

Are you excited about your dream? Do you have a burning desire? Are you

willing to put some heart and hustle behind what you CRAVE? Awesome! You’re

on your way to a thrilling life! Until we meet again,

#FindYourPassion #DreamBig #Entrepreneurship #FindItInYou #YouCanDoIt

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