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I am the proud owner of a Logistics company. I began in the business as a dispatcher and soon started a successful company with my then-husband. I walked away from the company at the time of divorce , but not long after, I purchased my own truck, hired a driver, negotiated loads, and build up an independent, lucrative and steady business.

I am a born entrepreneur who dabbles with side-hustles even while being a full time Mom, so it is no surprise that I am currently committed to and moving towards the expansion of my company. Driven and inspried by the rush of a successful transcation, I admit I thrive on sales!

I have my associates degree in Arts and possess a real estate license which comes in handy for owning investement properties.

My number one passion is travel, I have been to 16 countries and counting. I also have a passion for music, and am currently studying latin percussion. Fluent in both Macedonian and Serbian, I currently live in Chicago, where I was born and have lived most of my life, aside from the 3 years I spent living in Macedonia. I am the proud mother of a soon to be Univeristy of Michigan Wolverine, who will be majoring in neuroscience.

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