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Sara Lewis discovered she was an introvert when she was 13 years old. Despite having quiet characteristics, she has performed in musicals and taught group fitness classes for much of her career. In 2019, Sara fell out of love with fitness and discovered a passion for teaching personality-based habits.

Sara loves to empower women with acceptance of who you are and the habits that contribute to success. As the founder of Introverts Emerge, she created a method backed by neuroscience that teaches introverted professionals how to show up authentically. Through coaching and training, Sara helps introverts leverage their personality so they can increase visibility and make an impact without compromising who they are.

She has been published in multiple trade journals including the IDEA Fitness Journal,, and When she’s not coaching, you can find Sara relaxing at home, walking her dog, or reading books about psychology. If you can’t tell already, she’s kind of a nerd!

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Sara Lewis

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