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In September 1989, Patti started her dream job; teaching high school physical education. However, five months later, before the end of her first year of teaching, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Ten years later, she was left the only job she ever wanted due to worsening symptoms of MS.

In 2001, Patti went back to university to pursue graduate studies at the University of Toronto. Her ultimate professional goal was to teach and supervise others keen to enter the same profession as she. In 2005, she graduated with a Ph.D. in Teacher Development. Her research focused on the impact of chronic disease on teacher identity. However, Patti never secured a tenured position as a teacher educator and went on long-term disability in 2007.

Fourteen years later, Patti discovered her life with MS was far richer when she focused on living each day as her best self. She wanted to use her experience to empower other women with MS to do the same. So she created a fast-growing FB community; MS stands for Mindset Shift, is being interviewed on podcasts, and wants to talk on a TEDx stage.

Patti wrote a chapter for the book Absolute Will in company with 20 other women from 7 continents. This book shares the personal stories of women who faced significant challenges and endured to live meaningful and purposeful lives.

Patti is a dynamic speaker, coach, consultant, author, and MS influencer.

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Patti Bevilacqua

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