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“She needed a hero, so that’s what she became”. Author Unknown

My Sister’s Keeper was born out of the desire to coach and support women who are tired of being angry, unhappy, and not manifesting the life they desire. We in-power women to discover their inner value and master the art of never settling. It is my heartfelt intention to see women healed, happy, and having the life they have always dreamt about. I believe we can have communities of women loving themselves and building each other up. Those little girl dreams are not dead. The ideology of Wonder Woman is attainable. I may not have a lasso of truth but I can help another sister discover her truth and facilitate her authenticity. I don’t have the gold bracelets to defend against bullets but I do have the experience and the knowledge to coach a woman to transform her inner worth and create a new story for her life. At My Sister’s KeepHer, we want to journey together with women to create a new legacy through one to one or group coaching sessions, connecting through our Sister’s KeepHer Community, and joining our Inner Healing Retreats. In the words of my beloved hero, Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman, “ It’s not about what you deserve. It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.”

Kiyata Branker is a certified life, professional, and inner healing coach. She is the CEO of My Sister’s Keepher, a women’s organization dedicated to creating a beautiful world one woman at a time. Her mission is to in-power women to discover their inner value and master the art of never settling in life, business, or relationships. She is a powerful soul healer, dynamic speaker, and advocate for the marginalized. Kiyata has a master’s degree in Special Education and recently received her MBA. She enjoys traveling the globe, spending time with family and friends, trying new foods, and being a mom to her fur baby, Cupcake Victoria Branker. Join the My Sister’s Keepher circle at Follow her on Social Media: IG @sisterskeepher and Facebook @ My Sister's KeepHer and her Youtube channel My Sister's KeepHer.

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Kiki Branker

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