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Kiersten P. Mosley is the founder of For Users’ Sake™ and has over 20 years’ experience in graphic design. Her background is loyalty marketing communications in print and digital medias. She has received industry recognition and over a dozen awards for direct mail, video campaigns and websites.

While working with LoyaltyOne, Inc., Kiersten helped hundreds of brands, including AIR MILES, Shell and Metro promote their products and services. Her ability to work with brands was integral in new business pitches, resulting in new AIR MILES Partners: American Express, GM, Mappins, Reitmans, RW&CO, Sears, Staples, and The Children’s Place.

Kiersten evolved as a designer in 2017 when she started focusing on User Experience Design (UX)—a form of design thinking specific to websites and apps. The foundation is based on human-centred design and she leverages parts of the UX process in her graphic design and branding.

She also views knowledge as an asset to be shared, so her personal mission is to educate people of all ages about user experience and design. Kiersten can be found:

• teaching part time at Confederation College

• mentoring women entering the design industry

• speaking to organizations

• presenting workshops at For Users’ Sake and Paro

• writing for the For Users’ Sake blog and resource section (new website coming soon)

UXUI Design | Branding | Direct Communication | Loyalty Marketing

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Kiersten P. Mosley

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