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Doreen MacAulay is a facilitator, author, and keynote speaker with 20+ years of experience in organizational and personal development.

Doreen is passionate about creating equity in the workplace, as well as helping people develop their authentic and effective selves. Using her background in organizational behavior, she facilitates the professional development of mid-career individuals, helping them to realize their goals and aspirations. She also helps organizations develop sustainable and effective DEI practices.

Doreen is an award-winning instructor at the Muma College of Business, University of South Florida, where she teaches in the fields of leadership and organizational behavior to undergraduate, graduate, and executive students.

With a PhD in Management from St. Mary's University in Nova Scotia, Canada, Doreen’s research focuses on the areas of gender equity, organizational change, and organizational history. She has taught at St. Mary's University and the University of New Brunswick, where she was also the director of undergraduate studies. MacAulay is a member of the Academy of Management Association and the Southern and Mid-West Academy of Management Association. She has served as a reviewer for several conferences and journals.

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Doreen MacAulay

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