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Dora Chanda-Eyre

Marketing Director, World Financial Group Canada Inc

Dora worked in the financial industry for 8 years before transitioning to starting a business of her own in the financial sector as a financial advisor with World Financial Group in 2019. Dora earned her BAC from the University of Saskatchewan, and is a licensed financial advisor. She is passionate about educating and bringing financial concept awareness to families and friends on financial products such as:

. Wealth account

. Family protection income account

. Investments (TFSA,RRSP, RESP)

. Estate planning (Will Prep)

. Home financing referrals

Her goals are to inspire families to learn how they can create wealth for their generations to come, how to live their lives that they dream of, and also to share the opportunities that the World Financial Group offers.

Dora believes that everyone should be educated in financial literacy which allows them to take charge of their personal finances. Smart financial decisions and financial freedom can only come through the knowledge obtained through personal financial education.

Dora is the co-author of “My Child Laugh,” a self- published children's picture book. The book is written with words of empowerment, wisdom and love for our little and big girls, but especially for black girls.

Dora is very excited to be part of the 100 Most Powerful Women team

Facebook business page: @Financialadvisordoraeyre

Instagram business page: @financialadvisordoraeyre

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Dora Chanda-Eyre

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