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Founder of TL;DR Consultation and campaign named NewsMaker of 2015 in Hashtags by Maclean's, my numbers speak louder than any diploma in communications can. Cited in The New York Times, the BBC, South China Post, Reuters, and the Canadian Senate, my skills in algorithmic manipulation have proven to be a powerful tool in assisting business owners to launch online. No censorship can combat the viral effect and I have proven this repeatedly. In 2017 I was published for the first time to the International library of Poetry. I am a self-taught social media maven with one goal: growing businesses to international levels. My clients include Sharla Brown and Jacquie Somerville, GoSeeYou, Dans l'Oeil du Dragon (the Quebec version of Dragon's Den or Shark Tank) signatories Caramel FAA, and Un Cadeau du Ciel, the Committee on Economic and Monetary Reform (CoMER), and the honorouble Paul Hellyer, to name but a few. My most well-known campaign is known as "The Flush Heard Around The World" - #Flushgate Need consulting before taking leaps ? You can reach out to me at:

FB, TikTok & Twitter: @NatLaPirate Instagram: @NatLaPirateQc

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