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Hi I’m Rosalind Keith and I help clients transform that scared little voice in their heads into a chorus of self-empowerment.

By the time I was 17 years old I had moved towns and neighbourhoods 10 times. As a wife and mother I moved 9 times – 7 of those moves were international moves. In my early 50’s I started over as a divorcee. I learned from a young age how to transition to a new life. I know how to start over. I know how to help clients reinvent themselves.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and an experienced certified life coach who partners with her clients to successfully incorporate long lasting mindset changes using a wholistic mind, body and spirit approach to skills development.

I have a passion for and extensive experience in managing life transitions. Since 1995 I have lived in Singapore, Tokyo, Chicago, Hong Kong and Turkey. In each location I reinvented myself and pursued opportunities to learn about the local culture and to give back to the host country.

I began coaching others who were managing similar transitions in 2010. I believe that while change can be scary, overcoming that fear will allow you to become your own hero and create an extraordinary life. I am committed to paying it forward and spend much of my time providing pro-bono coaching to women in need who are struggling to find direction in their lives.


Fun fact – as a child I always wanted to take dancing lessons but we did not have the money to pay for lessons. As an adult I have taken ballet, belly dancing and ballroom dancing lessons. I am living my dream. I still can’t dance but I have fun trying.

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Rosalind Keith

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