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Jacquie Somerville is a Bestselling Author, successful entrepreneur, speaker, passion coach and co-founder with Sharla Brown, of 100 Most Powerful Women.

She immigrated to Canada from South Africa alone at 26 with nothing more than a suitcase and a tennis racquet to her name.

She was a multi-millionaire by her mid -thirties, free to indulge in all her material desires and contribute to the causes closest to her heart.

Fifteen years later, after moving to the United States, Jacquie lost the love of her life in a dramatic tragedy and with that, her fortune.

From that place of rock bottom, she again accessed the magic that she’d harnessed before – the powerful combination of imagination, faith, passion and persistence, to once again become wealthy and madly in love!

Jacquie loves to teach that magic to women around the world through her speeches, books, and coaching, so that they too can live a sexy life of love, wealth, contribution and freedom!

Jacquie Somerville is the CEO, personality, and creative force behind Jacquie Somerville Enterprises, LLC, a personal-development umbrella company for her private coaching, keynote speech engagements, her one -woman stage show, and her bestselling books.

She lives her dream life as a financially independent, passionate woman in love, on the waterfront in Los Angeles, California.

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Jacquie Somerville

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