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Hi! My name is Dakota and I am a science/medicine nerd turned real estate investor. I have my HBSc (Biology), my BScPA, and am a certified Physician Assistant. I worked in medicine for 6 years before I realized that working 9-5 Monday-Friday is not what I was made for. In 2018 I attended a talk on real estate investing so I could meet an HGTV star, little did I know this would change my life. Fast forward 4 years I have realized my passion for entrepreneurship, have quit my 9-5 job, and am the CEO of Cozy Homes Canada Inc, which I own with my partner Jeff. I get to make run down houses/apartment buildings beautiful again, provide beautiful/safe housing options for many, and create investment opportunities for almost any level of investor! Our company is in its infancy and has already had multi-millions of dollars in real estate transactions. What's next? Exploding our business to create more investing opportunities, growing with our team, and teaching others that they can do it too!

Outside of my business? I am an avid reader (I am in two book clubs, one of which I run), competitive figure skater, nature lover, family gal, and traveler. I love food and a good glass of red wine.

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Dakota Warkentin

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