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Have you ever heard of the freckled face female speaker trailblazer, who was taking the speaking industry by storm? Well, now you have. Angela Brand, also affectionately known as the “The Girl on Fire”, (Coach AB) who helps women, “Turn Her Mess into Her Money Making Message”.

With over 12 years of experience in helping purpose driven women entrepreneurs develop personal brands, speaking and coaching techniques, AB trains her clients to remain authentic and transparent when presenting to their audiences. She created “The F.I.R.E. Speaking Academy for ambitious driven women to step on any stage and “kill it” and AB Coaching Academy to help those who have a desire to transform lives of others through coaching.

AB is a world class Master F.I.R.E. Trainer, the “Phenomenal Woman Trailblazer of the Year” recipient 2018, bestselling author, is on a mission to “Ignite the F.I.R.E.” of 1 million women and will stop at nothing until her assignment is fulfilled and stands on “Living a Full Life and Dying Empty”.

Brand knows all too well how it is feels to be talented and frustrated, gifted but broke, knowing her potential is just in arms reach. That is why the passion burns deep within her to see every women she com

e in contact be ignited to speak, write and coach in Her F.I.R.E., that’s Embrace Her Femininity, Develop Her Impact, Tap into Her Riches to Create-Her Extraordinary Life!

She wants every woman to Be Fierce. Be Fabulous. Be Free. Just Be on Fire!

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Angela Brand-"The Master Fire Trainer"

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